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About Mayya Wellness at Bell Works


Founded by Psychotherapist Mayya Fley with a mission to merge holistic practices with modern neuropsychology to provide you the ultimate healing experience.

Try the breath work breaks, workshops, yoga classes and mental health service. All curated with the most innovative interventions in the wellness field, so that you can let go, rest and connect to your higher self. We look forward to working with you and your family.


Located at Suite 1131 First Floor Bell Works Labs, Holmdel New Jersey


Featured Class 

Mommy and Daughter Yoga

Enjoy a bonding class for you and your precious girl. This class welcomes moms and their 6+ daughters to join for a connecting flow to help create an everlasting connection.

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Yoga Instructor


Natalya has 10+ years of yoga experience. She quickly fell in love with how yoga allowed her to connect deeper with herself. She strives to bring you relaxing, restorative and meditative yoga flows, so you can reconnect with yourself and let go of worries. Her yoga classes are great for beginners, seasoned yogis, kids, and people of all ages.

Fab, Fit & Fun Kids Fitness Class  

This class welcomes kids ages 6-12. 

This class is great for building strength and confidence. Dancing, punching, kicking, core training, and sports conditioning will help develop a wide variety of motor skills. Plus it's loads of fun!

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Kids Fitness Instructor 


Elyse has been a certified personal trainer since 2017. After a serious car accident left her with permanent nerve damage, she fell in love with how the human body can transform itself through physical fitness and nutrition. 

Elyse graduated from The National Academy of Sports Medicine with her Youth, Senior, and Behavior Cognitive Specialist certifications. She found innovative ways to teach children fitness and health, all while having fun! 

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